Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Arc Law

Law governing the use of spark to produce electricity, radio, and light as transmitted by line or wireless methods, and relative to management of a natural energy container measurement and long term GOALS. This law is based on scientific principles for establishing the parameters of a sustainable environment that's done not harm the ecosystems, flocks, or humans in the area. Some of the factors include the observation of natural over long periods of time established by the scientific interpretation of the RULE, and the consequences of a modulated transmission or SAR, a measure of radio and energetic transfer to the flesh, as measured in watts per kilogram to the humans flesh.

Arc Law is important for the safety of wildlife and creatures in the environment, and to improve the health of persons in areas where these issues are found because of activity or symptoms that could be the result of these uses prompting a search to identify them. In situations where a person is harmed, damage to insects and other creatures can also result as collateral damage with unintended consequences, and creating unusual patterns of migration, activity, symptoms of induced response, and more. Arc Law is applicable for Environmental and Criminal Law, and among other cases.

Ark, Arc, and Arch Law and the RULE

There is a natural RULE, discerned over thousands of years by our scientists, and what is an unnatural RULE, defined by planet and position near star and in space, and discerned by scientific effort among men for what is added to the RULE equation. To maintain health of the people and flock, we adhere the rule and require innovation within what is shown by science to be safe for people, from failure or success of uncertain or certain science sets.

Arguments and Structure of individual government
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.

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